Accessing Member Podcasts

Accessing TYT Network Premium Podcasts

IMPORTANT: As of April 13th, the premium podcast URL (links) have changed. You need to update the link you have in your podcast app in order to get the latest podcasts. See further instructions for doing that below.

TYT offers premium-only podcasts. In order to offer these podcasts to subscribers only, each member is given a unique podcasting link. Your unique link is found on this page, shown when logged in:

Notice that there are 4 options for getting the TYT Network premium link into the podcast app of your favorite podcast app. Only one of them will be necessary, but consider which one makes the most sense for your situation:

  • Open in Podcasts by Apple App: If you use the Podcasts by Apple app, you can directly click on the link with that podcast app - ONLY if you are viewing the link from your Apple device.
  • Open the podcast in an RSS Feed Reader: If you are viewing this page from a device that has a default RSS reader app that you want to use for podcasts, click on this link.
  • Email podcasts link: If you are not viewing the link on the device that you want to listen to podcasts on, you can use this link to automatically generate an email with the link to the premium podcasts. Send this email to an address that is accessible on the destination device (the device with your preferred podcast app), and open the link. This should automatically open your podcast app but if it does not, copy this link and paste it into your app where you have the option to “Add Podcast Link/URL”.
  • Copy podcast link: If your podcast app is on the same device as what you are using to view the podcast page, you can easily copy the podcast link into your clipboard with the Copy podcast link. Once you have done this, open a podcast app and find a place to “Add Podcast Link/URL”. Now paste the URL from your clipboard into that field.
  • If you are not comfortable with these four options, and you are trying to set up a podcast on a mobile device while reading this on a desktop computer, there is a hybrid approach that requires some unusual actions but works very well.
    Use the link above to copy the podcast RSS feed URL.  Open your email, compose an email to yourself, and paste the RSS feed URL into the body of the email.  Next go to your mobile device that you want to use to podcast, open your email, and copy the feed (usually by holding your finger over the link for 2 or 3 seconds).  Now, go to your podcasting application, find the location where you manually enter a feed to subscribe, paste the feed in there, and your podcasting subscription will begin.  We have confirmed that this works on BeyondPod on an Android device, and surely there are many applications on both Android and Apple that will allow this technique.

Once you have added your unique premium URL for TYT Podcasts, it should automatically retrieve all podcasts available to you. This same link will automatically updated with premium podcasts as more are added.

If you have any trouble, please contact us at