How to Update your Billing Information

Updating Your Billing Information

Updating you TYT membership billing info is easy with our new platform. Simply follow the instructions below. 

Go to and login. 

Once logged into the system you will see your avatar icon to the very right of the navigation bar. Click on that icon to bring up the companion window. 

The Account Page show above allows you to change basic account information like your Name, username, Email address, and other personal info. You can also change your Password on this page. 

To modify your billing information, click on Manage Subscriptions link on the left navigation pane. 

In the Manage Subscriptions section you will see the subscriptions you are currently signed up for and the Credit Card you are using to pay. Simply click on New Credit Card. 

Simply fill out this pane with the new credit information and click Save This Card. 

Once the card has been validated you can begin using it to make further purchases with TYT.