Issues with Login Button

If you are not seeing the Login button on the upper right of the website's header, it is likely because something in your browser is removing it, such as an AdBlocker, or your browser's security settings.

Known Remedies:
A)  Domain whitelisting of * in browser security settings: Users should make sure the domain *. and is whitelisted to accept cookies. 
B)  Pause or turn off ad blocking plugins for
C)  If disabling ad-blocking plugins is not an option, disable it when using TYT's website. You will have to turn off ad blocking plugins if the one you are using does not offer a way to pause or whitelist a site. This will be the case for iPhone ad-blockers like Crystal. (as far as I can tell)
Adblocking Plugins:
Should be ok:
AdBlock (Chrome)
NOT ok:
Crystal (for iOS)