All The Ways to Watch TYT

Having Trouble finding your favorite show or segment on TYT? In this article, we will go over every way you can find our show on

In this article:

A. Watch Live

If you are looking for The Young Turks Live, simply click on the Watch Live button at the top of the page and you will be taken the page where the streaming live video is being broadcast. 

B. Member Content- Navigating the Annual Archives.

If you have a TYT membership, you have the benefit of getting access to the TYT premium podcast (, Special Events, TYT Classics, the Old School video archive, and the Annual Archives

To access the show via the Annual Archives, Click on Member Content > Annual Archives > YEAR 

Once you have chosen the year, you will be taken to a calendar view

Simply hover over the day and portion of the video you would like to watch.                                                                                  

Scroll down the page to find the video and buttons to download the audio or video files. 

Please Note- If you are not correct signed into the system, this area will show gray. 

Member Content- Accessing Past Election Coverage & Special Events

Weren't able to tune in for our live coverage of election or special events? Members have the option to stream it or download it at their convenience.  

Click on Member Content > Special Events
We upload content as soon as it has been processed.  This can take up to 24 hours.  Please check back if you don't see it immediately.  

C. Shows

You can click on Shows at the top of the page in order to access every show that TYT Network offers. Each link will take you to the Youtube channel for that show. 

D. From The Main Page

You can access to latest videos from the TYT Live show right on the front page of Click on the segment you wish to watch

E. The TYT Zone

For more in depth information on how to use the fanzone go here (

The TYT zone is a new way to discover and engage with content from The Young Turks. This article will explain how  to navigate through the new interface and use its new features to watch your favorite videos from your favorite online network!

Where to Find the TYT Zone

Finding the TYT Zone on our website is easy. Simply browse to 

Once there, you will see, on the right side a button name TYT Zone Simply click on this link and a popover window will appear with the new video canvas. 

For your convenience, we have added a short tour of our interface when you first log into the fan zone. This briefly brushes over how to best navigate the interface to find the newest videos. You can skip this tour at any time.  

Bubble UI

The TYT Zone uses a Bubble UI to display out latest video content. This UI puts the latest video in the middle of the screen and older videos are placed behind the newest one in a circular fashion. The oldest videos can be found at the perimeter of the interface. 


The FanZone search engine allows you to search for videos using hashtag keywords, words in the title of the video, or even allows you to sort for all videos within a time frame; Today, Yesterday, This Week, This Month, and This Year. The Fan Zone automatically displays the most popular keywords as well. If you see a keyword you would like to search, simply click on it, and the video interface will only show videos with your search parameter. 

Global Options

At the bottom right-hand side of the screen, There are three buttons that affect how the fan zone works for you. When the button is highlighted (light blue) that option is active int he Fan Zone. 

  • Autoplay- Toggling this button will allow to videos to either autoplay as you roll over them. Turning this option off will stop any videos from automatically playing in the  fanzone
  • Sound On/Off- This button allows you to toggle the sound in the  fanzone
  • Home Button- This button brings you back to the center of the video canvas, or the most recent video. 

Here we searched by #finaljudgement and, as you can see the fan zone only shows those videos. Clicking "Show All" At the top of the screen will bring you back to the default fan zone view. 

Expanded View

When you find and click the video you would like to watch, the interview overlays an expanded view which provides additional information about the video, it's description, upload date, and user reactions. Each video is also tagged with keywords (hashtags) so it is searchable in the   fanzone

Video Playback Functions

The expanded video player has all the playback functionality that you would expect from any player and you can fullscreen the video from the canvas. 

Finally, you can find any segment of the main TYT show on the main page in the sidebar. simply click on the hour you would like to watch

You will be brought to a page of the last 4 days of that segment, click on the date you wish you watch

You will be brought to a page where you can stream the video or download audio and video files. 

Please Note- If you are not correct signed into the system, this area will show gray.